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 LPG has been used safely all over the world for many decades. There are already 200,000 LPG vehicles in the UK alone – 16 million worldwide. The UK and Ireland standards for LPG equipment, appliances and their installation and for storage and handling are among the world’s best. Modern Auto gas engine systems are designed to be safe in use, safe to repair and safe in a vehicle accident. All LPG tanks are rigorously tested and much stronger than conventional petrol tanks. In a crash, they can withstand enormous impact forces without deforming or leaking. The Auto gas system has a number of important safety features including: • A 3mm welded steel pressure cylinder which is stress-tested to many times its normal operating pressure prior to being installed; • Two electronically controlled shut-off solenoids (on cylinder and under bonnet) which stop the flow of gas to the engine if the engine stops for any reason; • Pressure relief valves for the tank and the system, to prevent any pressure build up that may damage the system, or be hazardous; • Double back-check valves to ensure gas tight filling; • Sealed compartments and venting around valves and pipe-work to ensure no LPG enters the interior of the vehicle; • Approved components to ensure long service life.


There was series of very important car crash tests done with cars whitch has LPG installed, to check how secured and save this system is to use for people.

There is sample video of LPG tanks security tests, have been made to check security levels of LPG tanks. It has been proved, that LPG tanks are more secured and save than regular petrol or diesel tanks installed by car manufacturers.